Learn the Secrets to Becoming a Master Rifleman
with "Mastering the 22 Rifle"

Why The 22 Rifle?

When I set off on the journey of creating this eBook my friends all asked me the same questions, "Why the 22 rifle?   Why limit your market?   Why not just rifles in general?".  My response was simple, “The 22 is the single most versatile and underrated rifle in the world”.  To reach your full potential as a rifleman there are many things you need to do. Many of these can be done in your own home without using ammunition. In this book I give you drills to learn alignment, form, trigger control and more, all of which can be done in your living room

Yet drills and dry fire exercises are like teaching an athlete to have proper form with a baseball bat or a golf club. Sure you can learn a lot by practicing form and movement. Yet to become truly proficient we must add a moving ball and eventually we must add an opponent. To master your rifle as a hunting tool you need to shoot it both in practice with live ammunition (adding a moving ball) and in the pursuit of game (adding an opponent).  Only the 22 rifle can serve this roll for the modern American with sufficient frequency to master his craft.  For many shooters becoming proficient is difficult due to the cost ammunition and the expense or challenge of finding an acceptable place to practice.  

When we move on to becoming skilled as a rifle hunter the barriers are even greater.  A deer hunter may fire 10-20 rounds at whitetails in 10 years.  So let me ask you how the average American who works 40-60 hours a week is going to gain sufficient experience with a 30-06 to become a master of his craft in today’s busy world?   Yet no matter where you live an abundance of small game, varmints and areas where you can safely and legally discharge the diminutive 22 will be no more then a few hours drive away. 

What Will You Learn From Mastering the 22 Rifle

It is actually impossible to tell you every thing you will learn in this book, it is based on over 25 years of my life experience and training with the 22 rifle.  This period ranges from my childhood when I was expected to put food on the table and keep varmints out of the garden to my military service where I earned the designation of "Expert Rifleman".

 Here are just a few of the things you will learn in "Mastering the 22 Rifle"....

  • Exactly why many people never become truly proficient in spite of lots of practice.

  • The flaws in most rifle shooting forms and how to correct them.

  • The origin of a classic shooting form, why it was right 200 years ago and is totally wrong today.

  • How to chose the perfect scope for your 22 Rifle and the common mistakes that plague many.

  • Four rifle drills that will improve your shooting without firing a shot.   You can do them in your living room.

  • What handgun shooting reveals about common mistakes made with the rifle.

  • How to create a rock solid rest anywhere without a bipod, shooting sticks or other needless accessories.

  • Exactly how to train yourself and more importantly how to self correct your mistakes.

  • How to find, shoot and use edible game, legally almost year round.

  • How to choose the right action, including myths, their origins and the traps they create.

  • How to use different types of ammunition without the need to re-zero your rifle.

  • Which accessories are essential to the rifleman, which ones are pointless and hamper good results

  • Hunting lessons from a depression era rabbit and squirrel hunter, a man who killed or went hungry.

  • Why most small game hunters fail even if they are good shooters.

  • The difference between marksmanship and being a rifleman and why it matters.

  • How to teach others to shoot - how to explain the why behind the rules in a way anyone can understand.

The 22 Rifle is the Ultimate Survival Tool

I am tremendously concerned about the future of our country both from the standpoint of manmade and natural emergencies.  Many people think that if we ever have a real breakdown of society they will "just live on deer meat".  If such a day ever comes make no mistake about it, big game will become scarce, very quickly.  Yet a man who is well trained with the 22 rifle can always put protein on the table.  

Survival thinking is about more than disasters though; it is about day-to-day living.  While it is certainly hard to "live off the land" in this day and age, a person who is a master of the 22 rifle, knows his way around the garden and is proficient as a fisherman can drastically reduce his annual expense at the grocery store.  Here again we see the failure of big game hunting for sustenance.   Deer, elk and other large game comes with short seasons and high expense.  No matter where you live in America today it seems you face over hunted public lands or expensive access fees to private land.  The information in "Mastering the 22 Rifle" tells you how to hunt the game others ignore, the reasons small game hunters fail and how you can put food on your table for most of the year.

America is Losing this Knowledge

My story is really not unique.  Not long ago many young boys were sent out to feed the family and freely roamed fields and hills across this nation.  When I was one of them I would read magazines like "Outdoor Life" and "Field and Stream".  In those magazines authors discussed this freedom nostalgically, as something that was no longer part of American life.  As I would load up with a pocket full of Remington Thunderbolt ammo and head off behind our property I just didn't understand why they thought those days were over.  I didn't realize it then, but I understand it today - my generation in that poor coal town was one of the last to know such freedom.  Fortunately for me I caught the tail end of it. 

I go back to my hometown sometimes from time to time.  I am sad to say that I no longer understand the place; the freedom even there is gone.  A young boy with a rifle crossing a few streets today would cause the ATF to be called.  When I was that boy it only brought a wave from the neighbors.  In fact sometimes it brought the "hurry up and come here sign" from a neighbor that needed a ground hog shot.

It was in this environment that I grew up trained by two grandfathers, my father, my uncle and a great uncle.  It was from those men that I learned real American rifle craft.  I learned to stalk and still hunt quietly, the little mistakes "flatlanders" made and how to honestly feel the shot before I took it.  At the time it seemed like every man I knew was this a good rifleman.  Shooting and hunting with a rifle was as much a part of life as having a car so you could drive to work.  There was so much wisdom available to a young man in that place and time.  When game dried up a few conversations with old timers would key me in to where it had moved.  When I struggled with a particular shot, words of correction were always there, even if I didn't ask for them.  Knowledge about how to skin a squirrel, clean a dove and cook a rabbit were skills everyone had.  This is the America we are losing.

I am a realist.  I can't bring it all back.  No one can.  What I can do is share my knowledge.  I can record and put into print the things that for so many years were taught and passed down from one generation to the next, so they don't become lost.  It really is that important to me.  I have read countless books on marksmanship and hunting.  To this day I haven't found any resource that provides the actionable knowledge that "Mastering the 22 Rifle" does.  That is why I put in countless hours into creating it.  I want you to learn the things I was taught as a young man when I didn't yet understand how special and important they really were.  

No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee

Look I know anyone can claim anything on the internet.  I know that some of the stuff claimed on this page may seem hard to believe but I want everyone who wants to become a better rifleman to have access to this information.  So here is the deal, buy "Mastering the 22 Rifle" which will be delivered by instant download to you right away.  Take it, read it, use it, do the drills, set up your rifle per its' instructions.  Put my claims and my methods to the test.  If you decide for any reason whatsoever that you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you can have all your money back.  

Again my goal is to help preserve the knowledge that at one time made the American Rifleman known as finest in the world, I want you to have access to this information and you have nothing to lose.  Purchase the eBook today and start your journey to rifle mastery.  If you are not satisfied for any reason I will give you a full refund with no questions asked.

~  Jack Spirko